Chapter 4 “Emily – Life Lessons”

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Over the past year, things started to open up for us, John started working in the Film Industry in Sudbury and I was working on some other passions of my own.  We decided that it was important to follow things in life that brought us happiness; if you follow this route then you will never work a day in your life.

I’ve always been a strong believer that things may not happen overnight, but if you are persistent in what you want in life, then eventually it will come to you.  So I was active in promoting John in the Film Industry and one fine day there was that email; AGAIN it was Emily.  It took me a while to even open up the email, but I thought, “You know what?  Life is good, what harm could this cause?  I don’t even have to respond, so what the Hell!”

Holy Shit it was an apology for all the harm she caused and asked for forgiveness; she claimed she found her way out of dark hole in life over the last year and she wanted to start fresh.  She knew we were forgiving people and wanted a fresh start with us.  She told me how happy she was that John and I were together and that her actions were embarrassing to her and she was so very sorry.  The email went on and on and on and on, it was two pages long once I printed it off.  My eyes were burning from reading it on the computer screen so I gave my self a break and read it on paper.  I still have this email along with the many more that she sent; I suppose I use it as a reminder.

For an entire year afterwards I slowly spoke to Emily, trying to see where she was really at and if I could see any things in her writing that would give me a sure sign that she had changed or hadn’t changed.  Guarded in this situation was an understatement; I’m one to lead with my heart, but the mind was questioning everything.

She confessed to a lot of things, in fact there were things that we didn’t even know about, however she confessed.  She knew that it would take a long time to rebuild that bridge that she blew up, but I’m also a firm believer that I cannot live my life with regret.  I can accept apologies, but still keep at a distance from someone.  This way I don’t have the weight of those bricks on my shoulders and I can live a comfortable life.

She sent John several emails as well, telling him how sorry she was and that she was being a horrible person.  I suppose it took balls for her to do that, but then again she was sending emails, she wasn’t standing in person apologizing.  Totally different if you ask me.

John figures if Emily was sincere then by bringing up Ed, we should get a better reaction than we did last time.  So we did.  She told us that she divorced Ed, as it ate at her with the comment that we made a year prior and she did what she owed to him.  She was free from Ed, she was diving into things that made her happy and was trying to make a real life for herself.

It took about a year of communications with Emily when she finally asked the big question, “Would you guys mind if I came to Sudbury to stay with you and too perhaps make a move to Sudbury for a fresh start?  I’ve learned over time that you are my true family, you care even though I’ve been horrible to you and I want a fresh start away from Kelowna and away from Ed.”

We asked for some time to think about it, but Emily is a grown woman and can do whatever she wants to do, so we knew that regardless of what we said to her, she would ultimately make her own decision.  Even though her actions over the years were childlike, she was still a 52-year-old woman believe it or not.

On October 31st of all days, her flight landed in Sudbury and there was Emily staying with us.  She had shipped all her belongings to our home prior to this, as after lengthy discussion we decided that we would give her one last try.  We made it clear that we would be discussing a lot of things with her with regards to the past in order for everyone to heal and she accepted this; she seemed grateful for the forgiveness that we were displaying and that is all she could ask.

There was a lot of activity in our house at this time as well, with Christmas just around the corner, there were a lot of distraction I suppose, but we still managed time to talk to clear the air.

When it comes to Emily, I suppose I have this intuitive ability; I wanted to trust her, but my Gut Feeling was telling me to watch my back.  Something was telling me that this isn’t over and to prepare for what could possibly be coming.  The Calm before the Storm.

Emily had been there for approximately 2 weeks when she asked if she could go with us to the car auction where we were going to buy a vehicle for our daughter as her vehicle was nearing its final ride.  We didn’t see a problem with her going with us, until she purchased 5 vehicles and had the Auction put them in John’s name as a gift to him for what she had cost us in the past.  Her thought was that we have 4 kids who will need vehicles and John was needing a work vehicle, so it was her opportunity to make peace with him by buying these.  John didn’t accept, he told her it was too much money and we were capable of buying our own vehicles, but she insisted.  The only way she knew how to make amends is with money and she knew that because of her and Dumbass #2, it had cost us a great loss with my family.

After Emily begged John to take these vehicles, he accepted, but on one condition; she was not to use this act of kindness as leverage in the present or future.  She agreed to those terms and we went home with 5 vehicles.

When you buy vehicles from the auction 99% of the time the vehicles need work, that is why you get them for a low price; keeping that in mind, these vehicles would not be road worthy until we had the chance to put some work into them.  So John had his work cut out for him, but he was ready to do it.

A week went by and Emily was downstairs in her room and called for John to come down and help her fix the shower head in her bathroom; I was in the laundry room at the time which was two rooms over and then it happened, the question that came flying out of Emily’s mouth, “John, I can’t hide it any more, I know you can feel the sexual tension I am feeling, don’t you just want to rip each others clothes off.  Buying those vehicles for you has made me so horny!”

In unison, John looked at her and I peaked around the corner and we both said, “Really!?!?”  Yet another ploy to get John.  All of her actions over the past year, in her emails, her lies in wanting to start fresh and even her Divorce from Ed, which ended up not being true by the way, she was separated but still in contact with him, was just a way to get John.

This time when we asked her to leave it was for good.  She booked her ticket within a split second of John ripping her a new asshole and we shipped all her belongings back to her house in Kelowna.  She was Satan all over again when John rejected her, so when she left it was a bit of a shit storm, but this was it.  No more, good ridden!

Once I saw the taxi drive out of the driveway with her in it; I went downstairs to clean up the area where she stayed and wouldn’t you know it…she left a large package on the bed addressed to John and in it were 5 micro-cassettes and two memory sticks.  The micro-cassettes were her telling John all about her life since she met him; the memory sticks were seductive pictures of Emily – nude.  I’ve kept these pictures and have had the tapes transcribed and this is where the final chapter of this story will end, however there is just one more chapter left to tell before we finish.