Chapter 3 “Emily Out of Control”

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Once we arrived back in Sudbury, Ontario, it was all about catching up and trying to recoup after the horrible economy.  We were 100% focused on building our business again and trying to climb out of the dark hole that the economy placed Sudbury, Ontario in.  We worked 24 hours, 7 days a week to rebuild.  We also had my daughter starting University so there was an added expense which only made us work harder.

One month had passed by, after we had gone full speed into our business, when I received a phone call from a schoolmate of mine named Dumbass #2 who I’ve known since I was in Grade 2.  I was surprised that I was hearing from Dumbass #2, as we were friends on Facebook and I didn’t know why he just didn’t message me on that site, but for what it was worth, it was nice to hear from a friend from school.

As we got into our conversation, he decided to tell me about his relationship he had been having with Emily for the past 8 months.  I was shocked, but yet not surprised that she managed to get her claws into Dumbass #2.  I didn’t bother letting him know that he was not the only one, in fact he was probably number 11 by this time, but I didn’t want to cause any friction with Dumbass #2, instead I just listened.  He was in love with Emily; or I should say, Lust!

Once I finished my phone call with Dumbass #2 I called Emily to ask her about this relationship.  Emily told me that they were soul mates and that the sex kept bringing them together.  One thing Dumbass #2 had told me, was that he was also living with his common-law wife Renee, but he wanted me to know since Emily was my friend.  He was in a position of confusion on whether to leave Renee for Emily; he was at a crossroads in his life.  It took all I had in me not to laugh in a way, because they were both the same people – they actually deserved each other as they were both hurting other loved ones.  I honestly saw Karma working overtime when it came to this relationship and these two people.

As Emily was telling me about her relationship with Dumbass #2, she kept referring to him as “Her Own John”.  Her infatuation with my husband John was fuelling her relationships with other men.  If she couldn’t have John, she would create her own; while she waited for the real thing.

Watching all this drama go forward, I was too caught up in my own life to really let it have an effect on me.  In my eyes, she wasn’t going to change and I had a life of my own to live and to deal with.  Sudbury, Ontario turned out to be very “unforgiving” when it came to the horrible economy.  To try to rebuild was harder than we thought and it had taken its toll on us.  Over the next 9 months it would prove to be devastating, but filled with learning experiences that would only prepare us for what was really important – survival.

It was the end of Summer in 2011 and I hadn’t heard from Emily for a while as she was in her own World.  I thought to myself, “this is a blessing”, but then you know what thought did, it thought too soon – Emily sent me an email.  She claimed her relationship with Dumbass #2 was over as she found out about his girlfriend and that she needed to also get away from Ed (because of course she kept him hanging by the short hairs while all this was going on with Dumbass #2).  So she was planning to come back to Sudbury for a visit as she claimed she needed to be with people who cared for her.  Oh God!!  Was I up to this visit?  Before I could even answer that questions, she sent me her flight itinerary via email, so her flight had been booked and she was going to be staying with us for a week.

Her anger towards Dumbass #2 only fuelled her need to be near John even more.  Little did I know at the time, The Wrath of Emily was just about to start!

Emily showed up and was in fine form; she had lost 50 pounds and had long blonde hair extensions and from the minute she showed up she degraded my weight, my hair, and everything physical about me, just to make herself look that much better.  She in fact resembled Pamela Anderson and I am not denying her beauty, but her sex appeal to Emily was like having a loaded gun.

Over the years John and I had discussed her actions, so I knew where John’s thoughts were at in this regard, but Emily was blind to how John felt about her ethics.

John had a plan of his own; he had experienced years of Emily at this point so he called in a back-up plan; his friend Derick!  Derick being single, good-looking and young would sure to get Emily’s attention, which it did!  John succeeded in his plan to pawn her off, but the story that came out of it was totally amazing.  See Derick was looking for a woman to take home to Mother, but little did he know what he was in store for.  Emily drank too much wine, stripped down to nothing in his truck and instructed him to make love to her.  It was like a Deer in the headlights, Derick put the truck in drive and brought the blonde bambinder fluffpot home!  She was so intoxicated that we walked her to her bedroom and she passed right out.  Poor Derick, he read her like a book and knew exactly the type of woman she was, so to say the least, that was the last time Emily saw Derick.

Emily woke up the next morning and road my ass to get a hold of Derick as “surprise”, she was in love with him and knew he was her soul mate.  The only words that were swimming around in my mind at the time were “Holy Shit!”  This chick needed help and in the worst way.  Once Emily finally left me alone to take a bath, I sat and spoke to John to see if he was on the same page with me about finally confronting her about her actions, her insecurities and much more.  John was on board, as he just couldn’t handle it any more.

Once Emily finally came out of the bathroom dressed and ready to ride my ass again, John asked her to take a seat as “he” would like to talk to her about some things.  We decided that he would take that approach with her, since it was his attention she was craving after all, so the odds that she would listen to John were better than if I approached her to listen.  After all, I was the competition in her eyes.

John asked her to get comfortable, as he needed some questions answered at which time he wanted to talk to her about Ed.  Once John said the name “Ed” we literally saw a demonic creature enter her eyes.  Holy Shit!  Satan and his Executive Team took over her body at that time.  The way she looked at John was instant rage, “What do you mean that asshole Ed?!!!”

John told Emily to calm down that he wanted to know why she kept him around if she had been with 2 dozen men while she was married to him and why she kept him.  Now at this point, I thought she would take a moment to think before she spoke, but instead what flew out of her mouth just made both of us grasp for a breath.  With hatred on her face, just let this comment rip – “When I first met Ed I found out he was diabetic and figured he had one foot in the grave so I milked it for what I could and married him – he is filthy rich and I need some security in life!”

It took us a while to let that comment sink in, however I couldn’t help myself at this point, so all I could say was, “How could you do that to someone?”  This comment then opened up an entire can of worms and Emily was pissed right off.  At this point she began to confess that she has been jealous of my relationship with John, jealous of my relationship with my daughter, and could not for the life of her figure out why John was with me since I weighed a lot more than she did and why he picked me over her.  “Look at me, why would you want to settle for that?” as she pointed her finger at me.

This conversation came to an end once the fingers were pointed, we asked her to make arrangements to leave on the next flight back to Kelowna.  There was no hiding the fact that we just could not help her in any way, all we asked her was to take a moment to think about how she was hurting those around her who in fact cared about her.

That evening she was gone.  She called a cab and left to start an entire new shit show that we were not ready for.

Two months later, it was Christmas time and we were getting ready for Christmas when I received a phone call from one of my family members asking me who Emily was.  In my surprise, I had asked, “why?”.  At this point it was brought to my attention that Emily had hooked up with Dumbass #2 AGAIN, who basically went on a bashing spree degrading John and I telling all my family and friends false information about us. The sad thing is, is that instead of calling me and asking me if this was true, my entire family took their words for the truth and called to let me know they were disowning me and I was a disgrace to the family.  There was no discussing this issue, they had made up their mind based on hearsay and gossip which Emily and Dumbass #2 had spread.

That was our Christmas gift from Emily and Dumbass #2.  I made the attempt to call her and once she answered all I said to her was, “Hi Emily, do you have a moment to talk?” at which time she hung up on me, so I got the answer that I suppose I knew was coming to me.

Emily then blocked John and I on Facebook, she changed her cell number and her email number and we did not hear from her for a long time.  However, it did not stop others from continuing this gossip, we had to hear the stories for the next year, but it did not break John or I, in fact it made us stronger.  It helped us to see who we could and couldn’t trust, gave us more wisdom, and it made us take the blinders off and see who was sincere and who wasn’t.