Chapter 2 “Emily – The Next Four Years”

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My Mom had passed away three months after the last I saw of Emily and then three weeks after that, my Father was diagnosed with the same Cancer that my Mom had, however he was diagnosed terminal right off the hop.

Two months before my Dad had passed away, I had my Dad in the emergency room at the hospital as he had shown signs that he had a possible brain tumor.  As we were there waiting for the results of the brain scan, who walks into the emergency room with her son but Emily.  There was no long conversations, but I did say hello to her son.  Emily had gained about 40 pounds since I saw her last and she had a look on her face that she was struggling with demons; kind of look of being possessed.  She did not look happy whatsoever, but again I had no time to bother with her, as I was looking after my Father.

That was the last time I saw Emily and I was quite happy with that, as the look in her eyes were not the look of someone stable, but of someone struggling with deep-rooted issues.

My Dad had passed away two months later and I found myself trying to not only mourn the loss of both my parents, but to also raise my daughter in a happy environment.  I had been dating my boyfriend John and had decided that we would start thinking about our future and where we wanted to be.  I didn’t want to live in this community, as everywhere I went reminded me of my parents, so it was time for change.

John and I decided to move out East where he was from and start fresh.  We had been there for a couple of years (four years since I last saw Emily and the beginning of Social Media – Facebook) when one evening I was trying to wrap my mind around how Facebook worked with POOF there was a friend request and guess who was trying to be my friend – yes, Emily!

Time had gone by, so I figured, “oh what the hell, why not”, so I accepted her friend request.  Little did I know, by accepting that request would be the beginning of 7 years of unbelievable, shake your head, squint your eyes as if to say, “what the fuck?” kind of shit!

Once Emily and I started talking and letting each other know what had gone on in our lives since we last spoke; she was married in that time frame.  She found someone on a dating site that she believed to be her soul mate, so she married him after 6 months.  Right there I should have known her mindset, but in any event I thought, “well good for you, you are settling down”.

She decided that she wanted to come out to Sudbury, Ontario for a visit and to meet my husband John whom she had never met.  Her new husband had provided her with financial stability so she thought should we take advantage of that fact and fly out to start fresh with me.  And this is where is all begins.

She decided that she would come out for my birthday, so both John and I went to the airport to pick her up.  The minute she came off the plane and layed eyes on John, that was it!  You could see it right there and then what was going on in her mind.

Emily developed an unhealthy and dangerous obsession.  The way she could not take her eyes off of John, to her flirtatious ways, to degrading me in front of John to make herself look more desirable, to giving him hugs for no reason and my favorite, calling him “Big Daddy” like my daughter and I nicknamed him.  The only difference when she called him Big Daddy, was it was her “pet” name for him, so the context and body language was very obvious that there was more to her than just kidding around with him.

When she flew out to Sudbury, Ontario she was married to Ed, but the funny thing is that once she laid eyes on John, she decided to tell us that she had been separated from Ed and was filing for Divorce after 6 months of marriage.  The one major thing was that she neglected to tell Ed that they were separated.  She was still living with him as man and wife and he was under the impression that she was visiting us as “friends”, but the little voice inside her head and the personality that came along with that little voice was now awake and there was no stopping her.

One of her tactics to get John to pay attention with her was to tell him that she needed a “man’s opinion” on why Ed was treating her so badly.  What a load of shit that was; not only was Ed financially well off and paying for all of her needs and wants in life, but he adored Emily and praised the ground she walked on.  However, like I say, the personality that was awakened had taken over Emily and Ed no longer existed – he existed financially only.

This was also the beginning of Emily’s drastic weight loss and hair being dyed blonde.  Emily had bulimia, was anorexic and became addicted to alcohol and prescription pain killers.  The cocktail that not only made her lose weight but also kept her mind in a fantasy state; she was convinced that she would have John – it was just a matter of time.  Time was something Emily had a lot of, she had confessed to us that she orchestrated her own car accident before she met Ed as she was tired of working full-time.  This allowed her to collect from the insurance company as well as go on disability for the rest of her life.  Even though she escaped the car crash not hurt, she also researched how to fake brain injury, so that is why she is on disability.  Emily is the Master of Manipulation!  She also liked to tell John how much money she received from her settlement, as she figured the only reason he was with me was for financial purposes.  So in her attempts to secure John away from me, she would brag about her bank account.

That visit was an eye-opener for not only me, but for John as he really had never met a woman quite like Emily – he saw right through her.  Emily was blinded by her lust for John that she had no clue that he could possibly have the smarts to see right through what she was doing.

When Emily left Sudbury to go back to Kelowna, it was within a split second of being home that she made arrangements to move out of Ed’s house.  Ed was due to fly to Saskatchewan to visit his daughter shortly after Emily returned back home.  Her plan was to pack and move once he was on the plane to go visit his daughter, which she managed to do.  Emily was on a Mission!  Emily secured a condo to move in, packed her things and moved within the week Ed was away.  Ed came home to an empty house.  Although, she had left Ed, he still supported her in his attempts to get her to move back into their marital home.  Ed was infatuated with Emily as well, so between the two of them, there was so much toxicity going on that it was like watching Fatal Attraction.  Ed was fatally attracted to Emily and Emily was fatally attracted to John but 100% more so than Ed was to her.  Recipe for destruction.

The Facebook messages and phone calls were endless once she was settled within that week of her move into her condo; she was acting like a teenager.  She would keep me on the phone for hours talking about John and wanting to talk to him about her now current situation.  Her split from Ed was in her mind, another avenue to get to John – she was single now, losing weight, and becoming the Vixen that she felt John would be attracted too.

A year later, Sudbury, Ontario experienced a crash in the market, the economy went for a shit so we decided to move to Calgary, Alberta to survive.  There was no work in Sudbury, so in order to keep our family a float, we did what was necessary and moved.  We rented out our home for half of what we should have been able to get, but keeping in mind the decline in the market we had no other choice.

Emily found out that we moved; it was my error as I made the mistake of posting our change in City on Facebook.  This only made her kick her obsession into high gear; now we were only one Province away instead of four.

At this point you are probably wondering why I kept her as a friend; maybe I am secure within myself and my marriage, but I also am a firm believer that Emily had some major psychological issues that she just needed some help with.  Plus I do practice forgiveness and I believed that she just needed some help in healing her past, finding out if she had a chemical imbalance, or just needed someone to snap her out of this ridiculous behaviour which she was displaying.  No matter what the situation was with her, I had a feeling that she just needed someone to show her the better way in life.  I had no insecurities whatsoever, so I thought being the bigger person would show her that a strong woman who is secure is not a negative in life.  As a woman you do not have to be a doormat, it is okay to show strength.

The way Emily felt, on the other hand, was a woman had to be reliant on a man, had to be and act as a sex kitten with no brain, and put on this fluffy Bambi personality.

I don’t know how many times I felt like grabbing her and yelling, “WAKE THE FUCK UP!!”  She really pissed me off at times with how she saw what a woman’s role in life was supposed to be.  BUT…I remained calm and just sat back and watched this display of bullshit she liked to hand out.

We had been in Calgary for one month when I got a call from Emily telling me she was coming to visit us; just so happens that John had to fly back to Sudbury to deal with some issues that had come up with regards to our tenants (always something).  I decided to not tell Emily just to see what would happen once she arrived in Calgary; call it a test of my own.

When Emily arrived in Calgary and saw that John was not at the house and that he had in fact gone back to Sudbury to deal with things is when the Emily I initially worked with at the radio station showed up.  Emily was back to being the Emily that I knew at the beginning.  To be honest, we had a great visit and I thought that perhaps she was over John and that she had seen the light in a way.  We took our Reiki course together, not because she was interested in it, but she figured because I was doing this, then she would.  Emily was not a leader by no means, but a follower.  She would do anything just because; she had no individuality.

We kept extremely busy while John was away, but then I believe Emily was tired of waiting for John to get back home so she made arrangements to fly back to Kelowna earlier than anticipated.  At this time, I put two and two together and she really wasn’t over John, she was just pissed off that he stayed away while she was there.

This brought on an entirely new explosion in Emily’s life.  If she couldn’t have John then she was going to make sure she had someone associated to us, in some way or another. Emily then began to stock every man on our Facebook pages that lived in Calgary and whom were single.  She had mastered manipulation so it didn’t take her long before she found one of them to fall under her spell.  So Dumbass #1 flew to Kelowna for a weekend of nothing but sex, as Emily figures that is how you get a long-term soul mate, but that is all it ended up being, was just a weekend.

Used and kicked to the curb didn’t stop Emily, it just made her Mission that more of a challenge.  She figured she was destined to find someone in our social circle to land.  In the meantime, by the time all these games were going on, Sudbury’s economy became better so we made arrangements to go back to our home.  Pissed off was an understatement, but it just made Emily more driven, this became her career – finding someone in our social circle while she was waiting to see John again.

This is where it gets good!  If Emily was Hugh Hefner and he was recruiting for the Playboy Mansion, that is what it looked like the way she was recruiting for her sexual resume.  She came unglued and just went for it.  Keeping in mind, Ed was still in the picture, as she also had stints of moving back in with Ed and then moving back out to her condo.  Kept Ed hanging by the short hairs; that poor bastard was blind to all of this.